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Dumbar, A Not so Smart Smartbar App

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Dumbar, a not-so-smart smartbar application

Every once in a while, I stop and think: how dumb are these pseudo-AI LLMs, and do I really want to smarten my life with them? I mean, I've used them for making drink recipes, and have had them kick out mediocre code for me, but I never really felt like one of the cool kids™️.

Until now!

dumbar icon

Introducing Dumbar, the dumb smartbar menu thingy application to help you get access to those ever so cool LLMs that are difficult to use. Dumbar relies on Ollama to do all of the heavy lifting for you, but what did you expect, something called "super-smartbar"?

Download it here.


Besides being marginally useful in general, I wanted something that would be a simple click and allow me to quickly change which model I'm using between queries. I mean, I could probably use a quick snack during the day, and query chef, or at the end of the day maybe a nice cocktail. Or, I guess I could use it to generate beautiful prose (not this post, obviously).

Context switching can be a pain, so I figured something available wherever could help out quite a bit.

So, uh?

It's pretty easy to use, simply select the model you want, enter some sort of words, and read the glorious pseudo-AI gibberish that is spit out before you:

dumbar in action

What's the catch?

Two, actually, first you need to run and install Ollama, and second you need an Apple Silicon mac. I am happy to have been corrected on Hacker News! You should now find an x64 copy in releases.

Plus it's open source! Visit its repo at